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Vidigami Media Management System

We are very excited to announce a new private social platform exclusively designed for our school! Vidigami provides one centralized and secure place for all photos and videos, where teachers, students and families can easily collect, curate and share.

Living Student Portfolio

Vidigami will help HSES capture student experiences from year to year until they graduate, all housed in one collaborative repository.

Every photo or video saved to Vidigami can be intelligently tagged by face, context (event, grade or activity) or creator. This allows us to credit student work, class projects, art, performances, athletic accomplishments and much more.

Vidigami will accumulate a personal collection for every student and build a living portfolio of their life at HSES in a secure, cloud-based management tool.

As Vidigami members, parents will be able to upload media to school groups and share moments with the HSES community through the free app or the desktop version.

CLICK HERE to view guide and instructions.

Parenting With Positive Discipline

This workshop led by Susan Meriwether, M.A. covers strategies to raise well-behaved children with balanced discipline based on the renowned book by Dr. Jane Nelsen. The six-week workshop will teach parents how to discipline without having to choose between the extremes of strictness or leniency. 

Susan Meriwether is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator that specializes in family relations through interactive and experiential sessions. We invite the HSES community to enrich their parenting skills with Susan during this six-week journey. Classes are held every Thursday starting Sept. 27 (no class on Halloween) from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

CLICK HERE for details.

Cyber Safety With Crime Stoppers of Houston


Crime Stoppers of Houston will conduct a special presentation for parents on Cyber Safety Monday, Sept. 30 at 6:30 p.m. in Palmer Hall, hosted by the PTO. The discussion will focus on safety tips and precautions for social media, hidden apps, live streams, games, online challenges, dating apps, and other digital mediums. They will also teach parents how to spot online dangers and important safety settings to protect from cybercrime.

LS and MS students will receive an age-appropriate presentation on Tuesday, Oct. 1 to also discuss the online dangers and laws to protect from internet crime. 

Something Magical is Happening After School!

Kidventure Finale at HSES

We are proud to announce Kidventure as our new After School Camp. They will lead our after-school activities and offer a robust, structured program at a lower cost.

Registration and Additional Information


Saints Cheer Squad

The popular Saints cheer team, under the direction of Coach Shelia Williams, is now offering two opportunities to join the Spirit Squad.

1. Mini Saints Spirit Squad - a fun, recreational, after-school activity that teaches responsibility, builds friendships, strengthens skills and supports HSES athletic teams in cheer. 

2. Saints Cheer Squad - a fun, performance, after-school activity that teaches responsibility, builds friendships, strengthens skills and supports HSES athletic teams in cheer. 

CLICK HERE to register.

New Visitor Management System

We are excited to announce our new visitor information system with Raptor to enhance school and student safety. This digital solution allows us to screen and store visitor data, identify guests appropriately and protect our children from unwanted visitors. The Raptor System changes the way visitors sign in and out when visiting our campus.

To view the details of the new visitor security system CLICK HERE.

HSES Voted Best in Early Education!

Living Magazine readers have selected Holy Spirit Episcopal School as the best option in Early Education. The selection was included in the 2016 Best Professional Services in the Memorial area of Houston. The Child Enrichment Center and Primary School at HSES provide a warm and nurturing Christian environment where our younger students can explore the world around them. The highly qualified faculty and staff offer exceptional care worth the award. Congratulations!

Student Information System

HSES has implemented RenWeb, a student information system. CLICK HERE for more information.

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