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Holy Spirit Episcopal School initiated its outdoor education program to foster respect, love, and understanding for our environment, to encourage students to pursue mental, physical, and spiritual challenges, and to develop leadership, cooperation, and tolerance.

To fulfill this mission, Holy Spirit has established the Ecolink Outdoor Education program, which seeks to achieve goals that correspond with those of the science and history curricula of the appropriate grade, and to provide a better understanding of subject content and the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom.

Program Objectives
  • To promote a feeling of unity and shared experience outside the classroom.
  • To promote an understanding of various ecological habitats.
  • To develop and improve leadership and communication skills.
  • To develop in students a love and respect for the natural world.
  • To enlist the active participation of each student by engaging their hands and imagination in a direct learning process.
  • To broaden students' personal awareness and experience with outdoor living/travel procedures and safety.

8th Grade Ecolink Preview

Noah's Ark Adventure

A preview of the Rocky Mountains adventure that kicks off the school year for 8th Grade in Central Colorado. 

TRIPS FOR 2019-2020

Eighth Grade — Noah's Ark Adventure

The eighth grade trip is a six-day adventure experience in August at Noah's Ark Adventure camp near Central Colorado. This trip offers our students an exciting rafting, hiking and camping adventure in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This is the final Ecolink experience for HSES students and draws upon all the skills and understandings developed throughout previous Ecolink and outdoor education trips.

Seventh Grade — Catalina Island Marine Institute

Located on Catalina Island, off the coast of southern California, students will spend time in ecology discussions, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and hands-on lab investigations that are very effective in teaching marine ecology concepts. This is a four-day trip takes place in September.

Sixth Grade — Wilderness Trek at Camp Glorieta in New Mexico

Sixth grade students will zip line, participate in ropes course, mountain bike and mountain scooter, as well as enjoy an overnight kayak trip along the Rio Grande river with a hobo cookout, followed by rock climbing near Taos, NM. And as always our last night at camp concludes with a talent show, campfire, s’mores, and debrief with the incredible guides and counselors. This trip takes place in September.

Fourth and Fifth Grade — Camp Eagle 

Students in fourth and fifth grade will spend a week at Camp Eagle in West Texas. Camp Eagle is nestled in the beautiful and rugged Texas Hill Country near the headwaters of the spring-fed Nueces River. At Camp Eagle students will experience hands-on education through wild adventures, spiritual growth and outdoor adventure in a setting that’s unlike any classroom. This is a four-day trip that takes place in October.

Third Grade — Camp Allen

Camp Allen, located in a “piney woods” ecosystem near Navasota, provides hands-on educational experiences that enhance classroom learning. The experiences are integrated into a complete program that helps participants gain a well-rounded understanding of current issues, environmental respect, history, and human relationships. This is a three-day trip that takes place in November.


The Alec Hilman Pura Vida Award

A scholarship fund formed by a committee of peers in his honor, the Alec Hilman Pura Vida annual award will be set up as a scholarship for a middle school student to help fund his or her participation in the Cultural Exchange Program or an HSES Ecolink trip.

Participate in the fund with donations to:

Holy Spirit Episcopal School 
The Alec Hilman Pura Vida Award
12535 Perthshire Road 

Houston, Texas 77024

For questions or more information contact Brooke Frank, Director of Ecolink and Outdoor Education.





HSES prohibits discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on the basis of race, color, age, sex, national origin, citizenship status, genetic information, handicap or disability or any other protected status as required by applicable federal, state, and local laws in admissions, access, employment, tuition assistance, educational policies, or other school administered student programs and activities unless a particular status protected by federal, state, or local laws contradicts the deeply held religious convictions of the School or the Church.  

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