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HSES requires a daily uniform for students in the 2s classrooms for Early Childhood. Parents can purchase new uniforms through Dennis Uniform or used uniforms through the PTO. Review specific guidelines per grade level and gender below. These guides also detail the required and optional dress codes. READ the latest update from Dennis Uniform.

SHOP ONLINE with Dennis Uniform (school code VHY)

VIEW GUIDELINES for Early Childhood and Primary School (toddlers-Primary 4)


We will offer a drive-thru for EC Thursday, May 28 and Friday, May 29 from 9 to 11 a.m. During these times, parents can pick up and drop off items, while complying with state safety guidelines. The teachers will pack all student belongings for parents to pick up through the EC driveway, also providing the opportunity to return any school belongings. 

Dear Early Childhood Families,

We want to thank parents for your positive words of encouragement as you continue to support us through this time. You and your children make it truly worthwhile.  

With the Governor’s announcement that all private and public schools will remain closed for the 2019-2020 school year, we are working on a plan to reopen our year-round early childhood program. To serve the needs of our families, we want to reopen when it is safe and feasible to do so. We can’t wait to have you back on campus; we certainly miss your sweet children.

Amid these trying times, we have wonderful news to share: The Board of Directors has approved to waive May tuition for all EC families. Thanks to the support of our community, we have been able to cover the salaries of every teacher and staff member during this unexpected break. In addition, the Paycheck Protection Program (under the CARES act) loan was approved, allowing us to take care of our teachers, staff and maintenance personnel during this unprecedented time. We are thankful for this opportunity to retain our beloved teachers as they patiently wait for us to reopen and welcome you back.

As we look to establish a date to reopen our doors to EC families, we want you to know there will be severe restrictions in place to maintain a safe environment for all of our children. We will comply with guidance from the department of Texas childcare licensing, the CDC, and government officials regarding these restrictions and all of these are subject to change. These restrictions include (but not limited to):

  • Social distancing measures by avoiding chapel, special gatherings, Tumble Tykes, soccer, ballet, Stretch and Grow, Arts Alive, splash days, and other group activities.
  • Adjusting daily activities to minimize the potential for transmission by dividing children into smaller groups, staggering playground time, spacing out children during naptime and assigning alternate spaces (meaning students may not be placed in the same space they were before Spring Break).
  • Wearing face covers for anyone over the age of two while on campus.
  • Staggering arrival and drop off at curbside, with limited contact between parents and staff.
  • Assuming full responsibility when dropping off a child on campus by parents signing a daily checklist that includes checking the child’s temperature at home and acknowledging the child has been free of fever 72 hours, hasn’t traveled and hasn’t been in contact with a potential or positive case.
  • Screening procedures upon arrival by using barriers to protect staff and conducting temperature checks before children enter the building.
  • Permitting only children and teachers to enter the building. For example, visitors such as parents, grandparents, nannies, or any other special guests will not be allowed inside the school.
  • Lunches and snacks will not be provided by Simply Fresh or the school. All food items must be sent from home each day. 

We understand that this information can seem overwhelming as we navigate through this unprecedented time. These are some of the guidelines provided by the CDC and Texas childcare licensing, designed for the safety of our children, families, and staff. Despite these restrictions, we look forward to providing the same loving and nurturing care that you have come to appreciate from HSES.

To move ahead and make plans for a target date to reopen, we will send you a survey early next week to determine your childcare needs.

I am holding in my heart the day we will all be back together again! The anticipation of our joyful reunion is what gives us strength and courage to face these remaining days apart. I pray for you and your family; and that you may stay safe and healthy during the days and weeks ahead.

Michelle Symonds, Head of School
Whitney Zisman, Head of Early Childhood & Primary School




Chaplain Suzy and Mrs. Daniels continue to celebrate Easter, a season that lasts 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

View the story discussed in Chapel about Jesus teaching sermons on the mount, reminding us "don't worry."



Click on the links below to view a message and virtual hug from each classroom!




Click on any of the links below to expand and view all the fun activities to do with little ones at home. From math to singing, to Español, there are many lessons to choose from that will keep the whole family entertained!

Have fun by creating a masterpiece under Mrs. Day's guidance. You can create artwork with chalk on the fence, sidewalk, patio or any other space that needs some colorful design. Take a picture of your final creation and tag us #HSESstrong.

Mrs. Carlos plays with math by counting rocks. Do you agree that math rocks? At least in this video!

Mrs. Jenni teaches us a simple recipe to make play dough.

Flour — 1 cup
Salt — 1 cup
Water — 1/2 cup

Food color or washable paint (optional)

Tip: Prevent food color from staining your hands by mixing the dough and food color drops in a sealable plastic bag.

Baking Instructions: Bake the dough at 200 F until hard. The amount of time depends on size and thickness. Thin pieces take 45-60 minutes, thick pieces take 2-3 hours. Check the over every 30 minutes until the dough is hard. For faster cooking, bake the dough at 350 F but keep an eye on it so it doesn't turn brown.

Sing and dance along with Laurie Berkner in the new "When I Woke Up Today" video below. Have brother, sister, mom or dad join in if they can!

Sing along with "The Farmer in the Dell" in the video below.

Watch the videos and practice your numbers. Read the Hungry Catterpillar and answer in Spanish:

How many apples did the "oruga" eat? How many "peras" did he eat? How many "ciruelas"? How many "fresas"? How many "naranjas"?

Mrs. Day reads the book What a Wonderful World, illustrating colors and activities to go with this fun read.


Just as students follow the tenets of learning at school as highlighted in the Social Contract, they are also expected to follow a Code of Conduct during remote learning. We recommend that parents review these guidelines with their children to establish expectations as they embark on their online learning journey.

COVID-19 Updates