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HSES graduates are...
  • Compassionate and inclusive.
  • Stewards of God's creation.
  • Resilient risk-takers.
  • Inquisitive problem-solvers.
HSES graduates lead the way!


Holy Spirit Episcopal School serves the needs of children from three months through the eighth grade by providing experiences that are essential for meeting today’s educational and character-building needs. Holy Spirit provides a loving, nurturing, and joyful learning environment, which is essential to the healthy development of students. We encourage children to cultivate a spirit of optimism and a commitment to diversity, which prepare the students for the larger world. We use strong, research-based academic programs that combine traditional and experiential learning methods to produce excellence in scholarship so that our students can attend top-tier private and public high schools of their choice. We support enrichment and growth through offerings that allow all students to follow their unique paths. Finally, at the heart of the experiences we offer is the strong core of faith-based character that we strive to build in every member of our school community. ​​​​​​​

Early Childhood

The Early Childhood program provides loving care and developmentally appropriate learning activities for infants through 36-month-old toddlers in a joyful, Christian environment.  Your child will be offered numerous opportunities for active play, social interaction, spiritual growth, and individual nurturing.

Primary School

The Primary School division offers full-day classes for three and four-year-old children through our Primary 3 and Primary 4 classes. These classes are designed to use children’s natural curiosity and creativity to help them grow socially, academically, physically, and spiritually.  Our teachers are experienced, caring, and strive to foster a sense of self-confidence, independence, and intellectual curiosity in every student.

Lower School

Our Lower School division serves the needs of children from kindergarten through the fourth grade. This developmentally-appropriate program uses research-based learning activities and assessment techniques to help students grow in knowledge, skills, character, physical well-being, and self-confidence to prepare for the rigors of our Middle School program. Core subjects include language arts, math, science, and social studies. Spanish and health/fitness complement the academic programs, while fine arts classes offer creative expression through music and art.

Middle School

Finally, our Middle School offers a research-based program that is designed to meet the needs of your early adolescent learner. Your student will experience a rigorous high-school prep academic program, as well as numerous character development programs that support healthy adolescent growth. The core and co-curricular classes, as well as enrichment opportunities, prepare our students for success in Houston’s top-tier public and private high schools.




HSES prohibits discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on the basis of race, color, age, sex, national origin, citizenship status, genetic information, handicap or disability or any other protected status as required by applicable federal, state, and local laws in admissions, access, employment, tuition assistance, educational policies, or other school administered student programs and activities unless a particular status protected by federal, state, or local laws contradicts the deeply held religious convictions of the School or the Church.  

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