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During difficult times, we are known to shine thanks to our wonderful community of students, parents, teachers and staff. The flexibility, strength and wisdom of our entire community spearhead the ship we sail, sturdy enough to withstand any currents! 

The global pandemic has led us to keep our distance, but it will not keep us apart! We must embrace this as a great opportunity to try new avenues for learning and enrich our digital knowledge while discovering new tools.


This school year will be an unusual time to meet back on campus, but we are confident that our Back to School Plan for 2020-2021 will answer all your questions on how we intend to carry out this tricky year of instruction. Keep in mind this detailed guide is an ongoing work in progress as government officials, health organizations and education agencies release or update information. Thanks to the feedback of our dedicated community, we were able to make adjustments to accommodate your instructional needs within our reach. 

Sign the waiver that pertains to your instruction preference and return the printed copy to the school administration. Print and sign one copy per child.

  1. In-person – Back to School COVID-19 Waiver
  2. Individual Distance Learning – Distance Learning Acknowledgment and Waiver

As many public and private schools still navigate through their options for the school year, we are fully equipped to come back on campus and we are certain most of you are ready too. For those who are still undecided, you can register for Individual Distance Learning for a period of four weeks, once the session ends you can consider the in-person option. 

We appreciate your trust and commitment as we worked throughout the summer to build a strategic plan that allows us to continue fulfilling our mission, even during this pandemic. The mission to offer an exemplary education that develops the whole child in a nurturing environment. And rest assured our nurturing community is more powerful than ever.

School App

Stay connected through your mobile device and access all information in one spot! Download the HSES app by scanning the QR code, searching the app store for android or apple, or click this link

Once downloaded to your device, open the app and follow the instructions for set up by selecting the groups of your interest. Make sure you select the “Schoolwide” option and enable notifications to receive alerts and important information.

For more details view this quick tutorial to ensure the app is properly installed to access school resources and the latest updates.


We are excited to introduce DreamBox as the new Math platform for Kinder through 8th grade! Students will receive their login credentials so they can build their math skills over the summer with this new interactive software. DreamBox (that replaces IXL) offers 24/7 online access and:

  • Adapts to the individual learner with continuous formative assessment lessons.
  • Personalizes instruction to meet the needs of students at all levels, from struggling to advanced.
  • Develops skills and closes gaps through continuous support of conceptual understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem-solving.
  • Analyzes student answers and how they solve problems to provide insight.
  • Integrates with HSES math curriculum, aligning with Bridges for K-4 and Eureka for 5-6.
  • Ties to regional and state Math standards.
  • Builds foundational skills, integrating assessments with instruction to ensure students understand concepts before moving to the next lesson.
  • Provides data for teachers and administrators to determine instruction, monitor growth and ensure strong implementation. 
  • Offers research-based Math, proven to increase student achievement.


The creative and beloved Ms. Day will continue to offer her fun art lessons over the summer. The art channel will include a variety of activities for all ages to enjoy, from little ones to teenagers. Have fun creating!



It is important to maintain the same standard during distance learning that is aligned to the expectations of campus instruction. Students should:

  • Dress in appropriate attire (uniform top is required) when participating in Zoom or group conferences.
  • Interact with teachers and peer in a kind and respectful manner.
  • Remain on topic in class discussions, Google Classroom and Zoom.
  • Report concerns to their teacher through the proper channels.
  • Know that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and subject to consequences.
  • Agree to adhere to the standards.
  • Abide by the Code of Conduct.



Practice awareness with Dr. Beth Reese by intentionally paying attention to internal and external factors, without judgment and in the present. Learn to find your energy levels, sensations and emotions in your body and mind, including thoughts, emotions, moods, and memories. Join us for this fun Mindfulness session with Dr. Reese and Mrs. Symonds.

Campus may be closed amid COVID-19, but the learning still continues. Faculty and staff wish these cybernetic learners good luck on their first day of remote classes. #HSESstrong


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Thank you to all the Holy Spirit Staff and amazing teachers for getting all of this together to continue to love and nurture our children.



While we operate remotely, email is the best form of communication. Who to contact?

Early ChildhoodWhitney Zisman
Primary School Whitney Zisman
Lower School Karen Palividas 
Middle School Brian Smith
AthleticsMitriel Vinzant
Head of School Michelle Symonds
Administrative/Front OfficeTeresa McKinsey 
Business OfficeRanelle Johnson 
AdmissionsJacque Fairbairn 
Marketing/CommunicationsFlorencia Parada
TechnologyBrian Smith & Kelly Broaddus 


Just as students follow the tenets of learning at school as highlighted in the Social Contract, they are also expected to follow a Code of Conduct during remote learning. We recommend that parents review these guidelines with their children to establish expectations as they embark on their online learning journey.



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