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  Name Title
Priscilla Anderson Anderson, Priscilla Primary 3 Teacher Assistant
Shureda Anthony Anthony, Shureda Director of Human Resources
Lupe Avila Avila, Lupe Primary School and Lower School Spanish
Aida Barclay Barclay, Aida Middle School Spanish
Christine Barr Barr, Christine Middle School Language Arts
Toni Bejko Bejko, Toni Head of Early Childhood
Neely Besetsny Besetsny, Neely Nurse
Dani Blice Blice, Dani Primary 4 Teacher Assistant
Kelly Broaddus Broaddus, Kelly Head of Primary School and Lower School, Media Library Specialist
Larissa Broussard Broussard, Larissa Nurse
Lindsay Brown Brown, Lindsay Kindergarten Teacher
Lynne Brown Brown, Lynne Primary 3 Teacher
Lisa Carlos Carlos, Lisa Primary 3 Teacher
Amber Carothers Carothers, Amber Primary 3 Teacher
Andrea Clark Clark, Andrea Middle School Math
Angela Comuyog Comuyog, Angela Primary 3 Teacher Assistant
Josh Condon Condon, Josh Rector
Loralee Daniels Daniels, Loralee Primary and Lower School Music
Carolyn Day Day, Carolyn Receptionist
Mary Dunn Dunn, Mary First Grade Teacher
Sharon Dworaczyk Dworaczyk, Sharon Curriculum Coordinator
Jennifer Emde Emde, Jennifer Kindergarten Teacher
Jacque Fairbairn Fairbairn, Jacque Primary 3 Teacher Assistant
Carrie Frain Frain, Carrie Nurse
Brooke Frank Frank, Brooke Director of Ecolink and Alumni Relations
Monica Gamez Gamez, Monica LS & MS PE Instructor
Jovita Garcia Garcia, Jovita Primary 3 Teacher Assistant
Nick Gehman Gehman, Nick Middle School Science
Jacki Higgs Higgs, Jacki Head of Finance and Operations
Kelly Jones Jones, Kelly Third Grade Teacher
Rebecca Jones Jones, Rebecca Fourth Grade Teacher
Liz Jordan Jordan, Liz Primary 3 Teacher
Jessica Kyburz Kyburz, Jessica Primary 4 Teacher
David Lerner Lerner, David Percussions Instructor
Shannon Lewis Lewis, Shannon Enrichment Coordinator
Halie Maxwell Maxwell, Halie School Counselor
Jenna McKim McKim, Jenna Primary 4 Teacher
Jen McMahon McMahon, Jen Director of Enrollment Management
Rebecca Menser Menser, Rebecca Second Grade Teacher
Jamie Norman Norman, Jamie Visual Art Instructor
Karen Palividas Palividas, Karen Fifth Grade Language Arts and Reading Specialist
Florencia Parada Parada, Florencia Director of Advancement and Communications
Debbie Revels-Stoots Revels-Stoots, Debbie Business Office Assistant
Taylor Reynolds Reynolds, Taylor Primary 3 Teacher Assistant
Candi Robinson Robinson, Candi Social Media Coordinator
Emily Schuck Schuck, Emily Music Instructor
Shannon Shrader Shrader, Shannon Middle School History
Brian Smith Smith, Brian Head of Student Life and Director of Technology
Shantell Smith Smith, Shantell Primary 3 Teacher
Suzy Spencer Spencer, Suzy School Chaplain
Courtney Stevens Stevens, Courtney Primary 3 Teacher Assistant
Michelle Symonds Symonds, Michelle Head of School
Marge Vinzant Vinzant, Marge Primary School PE Instructor
Tanya Wooley Wooley, Tanya Executive Assistant to the Head of Schol
Colette Yuille-Taylor Yuille-Taylor, Colette Early Childhood and Primary School Assistant Director

Early Childhood

  Name Title
Dhamyaa Al Obaidi Al Obaidi, Dhamyaa Early Childhood
Alexis Aranda Aranda, Alexis Early Childhood
Anabel Aranda Aranda, Anabel Early Childhood
Sonia Arriaza Arriaza, Sonia Early Childhood
Martha Berens Berens, Martha Early Childhood
Fainah Bondan Bondan, Fainah Early Childhood
Emily Cedillo Cedillo, Emily Early Childhood
Janine Cornett Cornett, Janine Early Childhood
Rocio Cuevas Cuevas, Rocio Early Childhood
Rebecca Frater Frater, Rebecca Early Childhood
Claribel Gatica Gatica, Claribel Early Childhood
Dayci Gomez Gomez, Dayci Early Childhood
Norma Gonzalez Gonzalez, Norma Early Childhood
Rosa Greathouse Greathouse, Rosa Early Childhood
Ruby Grijalva Grijalva, Ruby Early Childhood
Sheri Jafari Jafari, Sheri Early Childhood
Josette Juarez Juarez, Josette Early Childhood
Leticia Landres Landres, Leticia Early Childhood
Shania Maldonado Maldonado, Shania Early Childhood
Klaw Meh Meh, Klaw Early Childhood
Elia Natareno Natareno, Elia Early Childhood
Karen Orzua Orzua, Karen Early Childhood
Mary Ann Patterson Patterson, Mary Ann Early Childhood
Paria Pezeshknejad Pezeshknejad, Paria Early Childhood
Simin Sadeghpour Sadeghpour, Simin Early Childhood
Hannah Salinas Salinas, Hannah Early Childhood
Merita Shkurti Shkurti, Merita Early Childhood
Jennifer Villarreal Villarreal, Jennifer Early Childhood
Betty Vinzant Vinzant, Betty Early Childhood
Hazelyn Walters Walters, Hazelyn Early Childhood


  Name Title
Juan Cuevas Cuevas, Juan Sexton
Claudia Fuentes Fuentes, Claudia Porter
Gardner Headrick Headrick, Gardner Director of Facilities
Francisco Miranda Miranda, Francisco Sexton
Nicholas Miranda Miranda, Nicholas Sexton




HSES prohibits discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on the basis of race, color, age, sex, national origin, citizenship status, genetic information, handicap or disability or any other protected status as required by applicable federal, state, and local laws in admissions, access, employment, tuition assistance, educational policies, or other school administered student programs and activities unless a particular status protected by federal, state, or local laws contradicts the deeply held religious convictions of the School or the Church.  

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