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  Name Title
Fega Anigboro Anigboro, Fega Physical Education Assistant Teacher
Lupe Avila Avila, Lupe Primary and Lower School Spanish
Aida Barclay Barclay, Aida Middle School Spanish
Christine Barr Barr, Christine Middle School Language Arts
Neely Besetsny Besetsny, Neely Nurse
Lindsay Brown Brown, Lindsay Kindergarten Teacher
Lynne Brown Brown, Lynne Primary 3 Teacher
Tracy Burgason Burgason, Tracy Middle School Science
Bernadette Cano Cano, Bernadette Primary 3 Assistant Teacher
Amber Carothers Carothers, Amber Primary 3 Teacher
Lazo Christin Christin, Lazo Primary 3 Assistant Teacher
Josh Condon Condon, Josh Rector
Alexa DaCosta DaCosta, Alexa Primary 4 Assistant Teacher
Loralee Daniels Daniels, Loralee Primary and Lower School Music
Carolyn Day Day, Carolyn Visual Art Instructor
Jennifer Emde Emde, Jennifer Primary 4 Teacher Assistant
Jacque Fairbairn Fairbairn, Jacque Second Grade Teacher Assistant
Will Fortune Fortune, Will Fine Arts Teacher
Carrie Frain Frain, Carrie Nurse
Brooke Frank Frank, Brooke Director of Ecolink and Costa Rica Exchange
Anne Hawkins Hawkins, Anne Middle School Mathematics
Ranelle Johnson Johnson, Ranelle Business Manager
Kelly Jones Jones, Kelly Third Grade Teacher
Rebecca Jones Jones, Rebecca Middle School Language Arts and History
Jessica Kyburz Kyburz, Jessica Primary 4 Teacher
Jenna McKim McKim, Jenna Primary 4 Teacher
Teresa McKinsey McKinsey, Teresa Director of Administrative Services
Paula Morgan Morgan, Paula Librarian
Cynthia Northington Northington, Cynthia Middle School Christian Education
Karen Palividas Palividas, Karen Lower School Team Lead and Second Grade Teacher
Florencia Parada Parada, Florencia Director of Advancement and Marketing
Grossman Paula Paula, Grossman Receptionist
Ross Purdy Purdy, Ross Director of Admissions
Shannon Shrader Shrader, Shannon Middle School History
Brian Smith Smith, Brian Head of Middle School and Director of Technology
Shantell Smith Smith, Shantell Primary 3 Teacher
Suzy Spencer Spencer, Suzy School Chaplain
Cheli Steele Steele, Cheli Nurse
Lauren Stevens Stevens, Lauren First Grade Teacher
Debbie Stoots-Revels Stoots-Revels, Debbie Business Office Assistant
Susan Sullivan Sullivan, Susan Fourth Grade Teacher
Michelle Symonds Symonds, Michelle Head of School
Marge Vinzant Vinzant, Marge Primary 3 Assistant Teacher, Director of Ready U and Youth Sports
Mitriel Vinzant Vinzant, Mitriel Director of Athletics
Paul Ziegenbein Ziegenbein, Paul Middle School Mathematics
Whitney Zisman Zisman, Whitney Head of CEC and Primary School

Child Enrichment Center

  Name Title
Sonia Arriaza Arriaza, Sonia CEC
Brittney Bradford Bradford, Brittney CEC
Jasmine Cruz Cruz, Jasmine CEC
Johselynn Cruz Juarez Cruz Juarez, Johselynn CEC
Rocio Cuevas Cuevas, Rocio CEC
Jennifer Dudley Dudley, Jennifer CEC
Roberta Dunn Dunn, Roberta CEC Assistant Director
Kimberly Fields Fields, Kimberly CEC
Alexis Gonzales Gonzales, Alexis CEC
Ruby Grijalva Grijalva, Ruby CEC
Leticia Landres Landres, Leticia CEC
Belkys Marin Marin, Belkys CEC
Elia Natareno Natareno, Elia CEC
Karen Orzua Orzua, Karen CEC
Mary Ann Patterson Patterson, Mary Ann CEC
Noelia Puente Puente, Noelia CEC
Imelda Reventar Reventar, Imelda CEC
MaShell Shears Shears, MaShell
MeShell Shears Shears, MeShell CEC
Jennifer Villarreal Villarreal, Jennifer CEC
Maria Villarreal Villarreal, Maria CEC Assistant Director
Betty Vinzant Vinzant, Betty CEC
Susan Wysocki Wysocki, Susan CEC
Nahid Zavareh Zavareh, Nahid CEC
Professional Development

HSES faculty and staff are constantly engaged in advancing their skills and knowledge through the support of their colleagues and professional environment. 

Teachers and administrative employees attend training each year to enrich their capabilities and apply the latest trend in the classroom. 

All faculty and staff are CPR and First Aid certified, along with a Safeguarding God's Children certification.