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HSES Mission

Holy Spirit Episcopal School offers an exemplary education for infants through grade eight that develops the whole child while achieving academic excellence in a dynamic Christian-based environment.

HSES Vision
An engaged community exemplifying faith, character, and scholarship.
Holy Spirit offers a nurturing classroom environment and a consistent level of academic excellence in curriculum and instruction in each of the school’s divisions. Your child will receive age-appropriate programs for interactive learning in all areas with distinct benefits:
  • A low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Highly-qualified and experienced faculty.
  • A creative thinking and experiential classroom environment.
  • Essential life and social skills, including community service opportunities.
  • Foreign language instruction three years old through grade eight.
  • Research-based math and science curricula.
  • Chapel services combined with Christian Education designed for children of all ages.
  • Integrated language arts and vocabulary development.
  • Open communication between parents and staff.
HSES Values

Love - A culture of caring that promotes service for others, collaboration and strength in character.

 Respect - A culturally diverse community that practices tolerance and acceptance with opportunities for leadership and global awareness.

Wonder - Dedicated faculty inspire every student to achieve their fullest potential.  Differentiated instruction and individualization optimize academic excellence.

Explore - Independent and inquisitive learners engage in enrichment opportunities, fine arts, fitness and wellness. Along with Ecolink Excursions, we develop self-reliant, well-rounded students who become life long learners.

Believe - Episcopal traditions and a Christian foundation foster compassion, integrity, and unity of spirit.



Portrait of a Graduate

Early Childhood

The goal of our Early Childhood (EC) center is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children ages infant through three-year-olds. Our facilities include a gym for gross motor experiences and an age-appropriate playground. Your child will be offered numerous opportunities for active play, social interaction, spiritual growth, and individual nurturing.

Primary School

The goal of the Primary School (PS) program is to provide the most enriching environment possible for our students. We place enormous value on your child’s intellectual exploration and personal growth. Our teachers are experienced, caring, and strive to foster a sense of self-confidence, independence, and intellectual curiosity in every student.

Lower School

The Lower School (LS) program for kindergarten through fourth-grade students builds on the core subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies. Spanish and health/fitness complement the academic programs, while fine arts classes offer creative expression through music and art. Enrichment programs will provide your child with opportunities to address real-life situations within the school and global community.

Middle School

Our Middle School (MS) offers an exciting, safe, and supportive atmosphere for students in fifth through eighth grades. The fifth and sixth-grade programs are designed to help transition students into Middle School in preparation for high school. The Middle School’s research-based program is designed to meet the needs of your early adolescent learner. Your student will experience a rigorous high-school prep academic program, as well as numerous character development programs that support healthy adolescent growth.

  • Our age-appropriate programs build esteem at every developmental stage of a child’s life.
  • We build esteem in our youngest students by providing a safe and secure environment that is full of love, nurture, and encouragement.
  • We build esteem in our Lower School students by providing a strong foundation for academic performance and numerous opportunities for experiential learning.
  • We build esteem in our Middle School students by providing challenging academic programs and enrichment activities that foster character and confidence.
  • Our students graduate from Holy Spirit Episcopal School as whole and passionate learners who are ready to find their path in the world.
Beyond The Classroom

Holy Spirit offers numerous enrichment programs and opportunities that promote whole-child development. These activities include athletics and fitness, performing and visual arts, student government and leadership, academic competitions, community service, outdoor education, and mission work in Costa Rica. Some programs are described below.


Holy Spirit’s athletic programs develop your child’s physical skills, sportsmanship, leadership characteristics, and ability to work as a team. We offer a variety of sports for children in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade through our Youth Sports program. Beginning in fifth grade, your student will have the opportunity to compete in one or more Junior Varsity and Varsity sports throughout the school year. Visit our web page at to view the sports offerings.

Visual and Performing Arts

We inspire confidence through our visual and performing arts program. Music and theater arts classes develop an appreciation for performing arts and offer your child a chance to perform before an audience. Students develop an appreciation of visual arts through understanding art theory, history, and the principles of art.

Costa Rican Mission Experience

Holy Spirit’s Costa Rican Mission Experience promotes understanding of different beliefs, cultures, and heritage, as well as an opportunity for service. In conjunction with the Episcopal Diocese, Middle School students may choose to participate in this experience that includes mission work at local Episcopal schools and excursions that highlight the culture and beauty of Costa Rica. Travel experiences develop a global awareness and appreciation for diversity that serve students well throughout their lives.

Outdoor Education

Ecolink (Environment, Community, and Outreach) is our outdoor education program which develops respect and understanding for our environment, encourages students to pursue mental, physical, and spiritual challenges while developing leadership, cooperation, and tolerance. Your child will have experiences within various types of ecosystems throughout the United States.

KidVenture Extended Care and Encore Enrichment Activities

We offer after school care through KidVenture which includes supervised academic and enrichment activities for children requiring extended care. All HSES students are eligible to participate in Encore after school enrichment activities. Offerings vary per semester but may include: cooking, ballet, technology, sports, piano, art, and tumbling.


Holy Spirit Episcopal School is accredited by the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES). HSES is one of 113 Episcopal schools located in a six state region.  We are approved by Texas Private Schools Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC),, and recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). SAES serves Episcopal schools, richly diverse in location, size and scope, throughout the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. SAES is the only Episcopal accrediting association in the United States and the only denominational accrediting association recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). It too complies with the Commission’s Criteria for Effective Independent School Accreditation Practices, which thoroughly reviews and evaluates its accreditation standards, criteria, and procedures. The Standards of SAES reflect the Association’s commitment to promoting high standards of education, developing programs that improve knowledge and skills in leadership, governance, administration, teaching and learning, and spiritual formation. The Key Standards and supporting accreditation information may be found at

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