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Academic Success Stories

Lower School Cultural Day

Kindergarten through fourth-grade classrooms organized this year's cultural day with a variety of exhibits from various countries around the world. The colorful displays included artwork, food, attire and other elements to represent each country's cultural traditions. Students traveled with their passports to each destination and experienced engaging lessons on the different traditions and cultures. Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, France, Vietnam, China, Bolivia, Lebanon, India, England, and Scotland were among the many countries displayed.


Duke TIP Program Recognizes HSES Student

May 02, 2018
The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is honoring seventh-grade student, Evan Long for his exceptional ACT score and academic abilities. Evan is invited to attend the Grand Recognition Ceremony at Duke University in North Carolina on May 21.

Duke TIP is a nonprofit organization that supports academically talented students in grades four through twelve. To qualify for the 7th Grade Talent Search, candidates must score above the 95th percentile on grade-level standardized testing and take the ACT or SAT, an above-grade-level testing designed for college-bound eleventh and twelfth graders. 
Evan exceeded ACT scoring standards to join the Grand Recognition Ceremony, the highest Duke TIP honor that only 4 percent of students participating in the 7th Grade Talent Search are able to achieve.

We are extremely proud of Evan for accomplishing this exceptional award and achieving an outstanding ACT score that ranked him nationally in the 93rd percentile for college-bound seniors.
Way to go Evan!

New Trends for Primary School Literacy

August 01, 2017

Our brilliant Primary 4 teachers graduated from Rice University’s School Literacy & Culture Weeklong Institute last week. The three ladies attended an early childhood program to deepen their reading and writing competencies and discover innovative teaching techniques.

Ms. McKim, Ms. Kyburz and Mrs. Stevens shared the training with early childhood and elementary teachers from across the country. Not only did they collaborate with a dynamic group of professionals but they also built key relationships with School Literacy and Culture mentors and Creative Writing Camp instructors.

The Primary School teachers are excited to apply their new reading and writing practices with their curious learners and create a hands-on classroom environment.

First Place at PSIA

May 22, 2017

HSES took home three “First Place” titles, one “Second Place” title, three “Third Place” titles and “Sixth Place” in the Middle School Division – the only school in Houston to rank in the top ten – at the PSIA State Competition.

Ten HSES students participated in the academic tournament that took place on May 6 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. We are very proud of their hard work and dedication during the qualifying process and final round!

And the Award goes to…
Talya Hood – First Place, On-site Drawing 8th grade
Rebecca Bi – First Place, Mathematics 6th grade
Savannah Tutor – First Place, Ready Writing, 5th grade
Rebecca Bi – Second Place, Number Sense 6th grade
Evan Long – Third Place, Spelling 6th grade
Olivia Long – Third Place, On-Site Drawing 6th grade
Joseph Bi – Third Place, Mathematics 3rd grade
Victor Marchon – Ninth Place, Vocabulary 5th grade
Lawton Paddock – Ninth Place, Spelling 4th grade
Davis Wall – Preliminaries, Impromptu Speaking 8th grade
Elliot Arntz – Preliminaries, Ready Writing 3rd grade
Holy Spirit Episcopal School – Sixth Place, Middle School “A” Division
Mrs. Dawn Owen – First Place, PSIA Saints Instructor

The PSIA (Private Schools Interscholastic Association) State Meet hosted around 2,600 contestants from more than 250 schools across Texas. The students from diverse lower and middle school grade levels competed in a wide spectrum of subjects including mathematics, social studies, science, writing, art, reading, music, and more.

Go Saints!

A Living Wax Museum

April 21, 2017

Fourth grade presented their first annual Living Wax Museum at Palmer Hall with engaging, project-based learning for all!

The students researched their historical figures and changed into characters with fun costumes and colorful exhibits. The fourth graders awaited to come alive and recite their glorious speeches with the push of a “play” button.

HSES students (including the curious primary scholars), staff and guests browsed through the museum intrigued to watch these characters in action and discover their achievements. HSES was very proud of its fourth grader’s hard work and leadership.