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Academic Success Stories

First Place at PSIA

May 22, 2017

HSES took home three “First Place” titles, one “Second Place” title, three “Third Place” titles and “Sixth Place” in the Middle School Division – the only school in Houston to rank in the top ten – at the PSIA State Competition.

Ten HSES students participated in the academic tournament that took place on May 6 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. We are very proud of their hard work and dedication during the qualifying process and final round!

And the Award goes to…
Talya Hood – First Place, On-site Drawing 8th grade
Rebecca Bi – First Place, Mathematics 6th grade
Savannah Tutor – First Place, Ready Writing, 5th grade
Rebecca Bi – Second Place, Number Sense 6th grade
Evan Long – Third Place, Spelling 6th grade
Olivia Long – Third Place, On-Site Drawing 6th grade
Joseph Bi – Third Place, Mathematics 3rd grade
Victor Marchon – Ninth Place, Vocabulary 5th grade
Lawton Paddock – Ninth Place, Spelling 4th grade
Davis Wall – Preliminaries, Impromptu Speaking 8th grade
Elliot Arntz – Preliminaries, Ready Writing 3rd grade
Holy Spirit Episcopal School – Sixth Place, Middle School “A” Division
Mrs. Dawn Owen – First Place, PSIA Saints Instructor

The PSIA (Private Schools Interscholastic Association) State Meet hosted around 2,600 contestants from more than 250 schools across Texas. The students from diverse lower and middle school grade levels competed in a wide spectrum of subjects including mathematics, social studies, science, writing, art, reading, music, and more.

Go Saints!

A Living Wax Museum

April 21, 2017

Fourth grade presented their first annual Living Wax Museum at Palmer Hall with engaging, project-based learning for all!

The students researched their historical figures and changed into characters with fun costumes and colorful exhibits. The fourth graders awaited to come alive and recite their glorious speeches with the push of a “play” button.

HSES students (including the curious primary scholars), staff and guests browsed through the museum intrigued to watch these characters in action and discover their achievements. Mr. Dickson was very proud of his fourth grader’s hard work and the school was very proud of Mr. Dickson’s leadership

Seven Students Win First Place in PSIA District

March 06, 2017

Seven HSES students placed First, and four placed Second, in the Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) District Meet on Saturday, March 4. These 11 students have advanced to the State Competition that will take place in Fort Worth, TX in May.

Of the 25 HSES lower and middle school students that attended, 22 achieved a winning placement in 43 different events. The HSES contenders participated in diverse categories, including Math, Spelling, Writing, Speaking, Science and Drawing, among others.

The PSIA program inspires students to achieve their highest academic goals and rewards their success with competition incentives. Scholarship awards are provided for students who excel in the State competition to support their dreams and academic future.

We congratulate Mrs. Dawn Owen for enlisting HSES in Fifth place among 18 schools and leading our students through this journey to academic excellence!

CLICK HERE to view the HSES Participation in PSIA District Snapshot.

Four Students Attend National History Bee Finals

February 20, 2017

Holy Spirit Episcopal School (HSES) hosted the Regional Finals of the National History Bee on February 17 and received more than 500 students that competed for a place in the Finals. History Instructor, Shannon Shrader, organized the event and ensured all details were in place for the competition.

Mrs. Shrader also prepared the ten HSES middle school students who participated in their grade divisions, including the four students that qualified for Nationals in Atlanta which will take place in June.

At the Regional Finals, students participated “in three rounds of a fast-paced and interactive buzzer format” that covered topics from ancient Greece to video games such as Pong and the Legend of Zelda.

Congratulations to HSES regional competitors Audrey Hudson, Kyle Hodges, Mason Price, Murphy McNew, Evan Long, Mitchell Shadden, Blake Petry, Davis Wall, Kennedy Havens, and Eleanor Carter. Good luck to our national competitors Mason Price, Evan Long, Mitchell Shadden, and Kennedy Havens. And thank you to Mrs. Shrader and the Holy Spirit Community for empowering our students!

Our "History Bees" are Buzzing!