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Faculty and Staff Directory

  Name Title Group
Anabel Aranda Aranda, Anabel CEC
Mary Armintor Armintor, Mary Kindergarten Teacher
Sonia Arriaza Arriaza, Sonia CEC
Bianca Atkinson Atkinson, Bianca CEC
Lupe Avila Avila, Lupe 5th Grade English Language Arts, History and Spanish
Aida Barclay Barclay, Aida MS Spanish
Christine Barr Barr, Christine MS English Language Arts
Yolanda Beavers-Campbell Beavers-Campbell, Yolanda CEC
Nicole Bermudes Bermudes, Nicole Director of Communications
Neely Besetsny Besetsny, Neely Nurse
Brittney Bradford Bradford, Brittney CEC
Lynden Briscoe Briscoe, Lynden 6th and 7th Grade English Language Arts
Jennifer Brown Brown, Jennifer Receptionist
Lindsay Brown Brown, Lindsay Kindergarten Teacher
Tracy Burgason Burgason, Tracy 7th and 8th Grade Science, LS Science
Bernadette Cano Cano, Bernadette CEC
Amber Carothers Carothers, Amber Primary 4 Teacher
Eloisa Castelan Castelan, Eloisa CEC
Josh Condon Condon, Josh Rector
Ashley Contreras Contreras, Ashley CEC
Johselynne Cruz Juarez Cruz Juarez, Johselynne CEC
Rocio Cuevas Cuevas, Rocio CEC
Loralee Daniels Daniels, Loralee PS and LS Music
Carolyn Day Day, Carolyn Visual Art Instructor
Adilene De La Lopez De La Lopez, Adilene CEC
Brian Dickson Dickson, Brian 4th Grade Teacher
Roberta Dunn Dunn, Roberta CEC Assistant Director
Cynthia Evangelister Evangelister, Cynthia CEC
Kimberly Fields Fields, Kimberly CEC
Carrie Frain Frain, Carrie Nurse
Brooke Frank Frank, Brooke Director of Advancement, Ecolink and Costa Rica Exchange
Irene Grijalva Grijalva, Irene CEC
Ruby Grijalva Grijalva, Ruby CEC
Anne Hawkins Hawkins, Anne MS Mathematics
Ranelle Johnson Johnson, Ranelle Business Manager
Rebecca Jones Jones, Rebecca 3rd Grade Teacher
Gulrez Khan Khan, Gulrez PS Aide
Jessica Kyburz Kyburz, Jessica PS Aide
Leticia Landres Landres, Leticia CEC
Belkys Marin Marin, Belkys CEC
Jenna McKim McKim, Jenna Primary 4 Teacher
Jennifer Montenegro Montenegro, Jennifer CEC
Paula Morgan Morgan, Paula Librarian
Elia Natareno Natareno, Elia CEC
Cynthia Northington Northington, Cynthia Head of CEC, Christian Education
Barbara Novelli Novelli, Barbara Bookkeeper
Dawn Owen Owen, Dawn 2nd Grade Teacher
Karen Palividas Palividas, Karen Head of Primary and Lower School
Florencia Parada Parada, Florencia Director of Marketing, LS Spanish
Mary Ann Patterson Patterson, Mary Ann CEC
Noelia Puente Puente, Noelia CEC
Ross Purdy Purdy, Ross Director of Admissions
Marisol Resendez Resendez, Marisol CEC
Norma Resendez Resendez, Norma CEC
Shannon Shrader Shrader, Shannon MS History
Brian Smith Smith, Brian Head of Middle School, Director of Technology
Suzy Spencer Spencer, Suzy School Chaplain
Michelle Symonds Symonds, Michelle Head of School
Jennifer Villarreal Villarreal, Jennifer CEC
Maria Villarreal Villarreal, Maria CEC Assistant Director
Betty Vinzant Vinzant, Betty CEC
Marge Vinzant Vinzant, Marge Director of Beyond the Bell and Ready U
Mitriel Vinzant Vinzant, Mitriel Director of Youth Sports, Physical Education
Katie Wilson Wilson, Katie Primary 3 Teacher
Susan Wysocki Wysocki, Susan CEC
Nahid Zavareh Zavareh, Nahid CEC
Paul Ziegenbein Ziegenbein, Paul MS Mathematics and Science