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Michigan, Here We Come

May 03, 2017

This summer, The Middle School math department will attend the “Getting to Know CMP” Workshop at Michigan State University courtesy of the Professional Development Fund, a generous scholarship implemented by the Bradford family.

The Connected Math training will provide strategies for teachers to develop interactive math learning models, enhance student learning, and implement grading techniques, among others.

The Professional Development Fund is a yearly scholarship aimed to expand the learning opportunities for faculty and staff at HSES. Participants must submit their applications for the committee to review and announce the award recipients.

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My Second Home

January 27, 2017
Addie celebrates her birthday with family

For Meredith, school is home away from home. Not only did she attend HSES since her toddler years, but her aunt – Mrs. Richardson – was her teacher, and has been a part of Primary School for 40 years! And the connection continues, Meredith's mom – Linda McKim – was also a Primary School teacher at HSES for 18 years and now her sister – Jenna McKim – has taken over the role of Primary School teacher, following her family's footsteps.

When Meredith's daughter Addison started school at 18 months "it was a very difficult transition," mom confesses. But the fact that her family was watching over Addie in "a safe place that she could grow and become more independent while learning in a rich curriculum-based environment" gave Meredith peace of mind.

Now Addison walks into the school with the biggest smile on her face and she can't wait to share about her day when Meredith picks her up from carpool. "She eagerly hops out of bed in the morning," excited to see Mrs. Richardson and learn something new.

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Spiritual Journey

December 19, 2016

“We love the staff at HSES!” confesses a middle school parent. From the administration to the teachers, this family feels the faculty works side by side with their children to become well-rounded inside and outside the classroom.

Both kids participated in the 7th grade Ecolink trip to Catalina Island and the 8th grade Ecolink trip to Colorado and returned with unforgettable experiences. To this day, they continue to share their stories, strengthen friendships, and bond with their classmates and teachers.

The middle schoolers have also encountered a growth in faith as part of their HSES education. “I love the encouragement my daughter received to delve into her Bible,” says mom. She takes notes and highlights sections with sticky notes so the book does not become stagnant, but instead a resource for continued spiritual growth. “HSES is more than an education.” 

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New Vision for Success

October 17, 2016

Holy Spirit Episcopal School (HSES) came to Michela’s rescue when she was not receiving the attention she deserved. She was attending the pre-kindergarten program at a public school and managed to maintain good scores in a classroom with more than 20 students “but something was missing,” explains Dani, Michela’s mom. After extensive testing, Michela’s parents discovered she had a vision deficiency that was delaying her academic progress.

They realized Michela needed academic structure in a nurturing environment. HSES was the perfect solution. “We are so pleased with the school,” shares Dani, “Michela is finally receiving the attention she deserves in a smaller classroom environment.” The Lower School instruction specialists continuously work on strategies to strengthen Michela’s academic development and support her vision progress.

According to Michela’s family, the faculty and staff play a major role in her success. They are very proud of their daughter and grateful for “HSES’ hand in helping to shape her character and mind.”  HSES is honored to provide the tools and resources for this young lady to conquer the world.

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