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Community Stories

Students Lead Pet Harvey Relief Effort

September 12, 2017

After students in 5th grade read the Houston Chronicle article "New wave of rescues target pets" they also wanted to help in the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts for pets. They are collecting items to donate to the S.P.C.A. and Wildlife Center of Texas.

The students created their own marketing materials and collections boxes, along with a wish list based on both organizations’ needs for families to consider helping rescued pets and injured wildlife.

Mrs. Jones will deliver the supplies to each center and provide a report to students and sponsors to showcase the huge support they have added to the mascot and wildlife community.

HSES Zootopia

May 15, 2017

Primary 3 students created a Zoo in their classrooms and invited the HSES community to visit the exotic animal exhibit. The 3-year-old Scottie Dogs and Ladybugs researched about their species and each child designed a display to showcase their animal.

As we toured through the Primary School Zootopia, the “mini” zookeepers educated us on the types of food and wild habitats of the different creatures. Some were even tamed behind bars in case they wanted to escape. But all furry friends behaved kindly under the control of their masters.

After the exhibit, the proud ethologists released their animals back into their natural environment: their mater’s arms.

A Tribe of Opportunities

March 15, 2017

“Livi” has blossomed socially and academically since she joined HSES. Olivia was struggling with anxiety and undiagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and “I was extremely impressed with the school’s response,” shares mom Kristen. The faculty and staff play an important role in Livi’s increased confidence and academic skills according to mom. “The outstanding resources and amazing opportunities available to students” is what made Livi transition to HSES in Middle School.

Theatre is one of Livi’s favorite subjects at school. Mr. Williams and his “phenomenal arts program” have allowed for the seventh grader to discover her acting abilities and find her “tribe”.

The Costa Rica Exchange Program and Ecolink trips have also helped Livi experience emotional growth. The Outdoor Education curriculum entices her to learn through travel, hands-on activities and cultural encounters.

Brotherly Love

February 20, 2017

Harrison and Hollis Angel walk the HSES hallways excited to start their day. Mom has felt the energy and excitement from every staff member since the first day. “Holy Spirit feels warm and open throughout the school year,” shares Jennifer.

Harrison attends Primary 3 and Hollis the CEC program but the parents already feel “their children’s future character is being shaped at very young ages.” They value an early education founded on Christian beliefs. “It is vastly important to mold our children around Biblical principles while gaining a quality education,” admit the proud parents.

Jennifer and Derek also enjoy the loving and caring staff. The teachers “spend one-on-one time with each child and it makes them feel special.” This is one of the many reasons why the boys are excited to be at school; it’s uplifting!

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